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      Summer Lifestyle

      LOVE BRAND & Co. has been distilling that holiday feeling since 2010. The feel-good summer lifestyle is inspired by family and whimsical adventures, underpinned by a charitable purpose at the heart of our brand - helping elephants.

      Having trained in architecture,  Oliver Tomalin (LOVE BRAND & Co. founder) decided to swap designing buildings for board shorts! With a love of lifestyle and seeing men's swimwear as an exciting space and inspired by other brands that give back, Oliver was set on creating a men's swimwear brand with a loving ethos, LOVE BRAND & Co. But what greater purpose could it serve?

      The eureka moment came in London, when Oliver saw painted elephant sculptures on the streets where he lived. The exhibition was raising awareness for endangered elephants and the fact that elephants could become extinct in his lifetime, struck a nerve. And it clicked: 'Trunks for Trunks’.

      Since day one, they have proudly committed a percentage of revenues - not profits - to helping elephants. 

      There is also another love story. Oliver designed the brand's logo on a napkin during his first date with Rose in 2010. Every day since Oliver and Rose have built the brand together and are now married with two children. Oliver designs all aspects of the brand and has built a reputation for a sophisticated and understated style. His prints are subtle with elegant geometric patterns of charming hand-drawn motifs with purposeful narratives.

      The Mission

      They support their charity partners in protecting elephants and endangered wildlife and habitats.

      Since day one, LOVE BRAND & Co. has committed a percentage of revenue - not profit - to helping save elephants from extinction. LOVE BRAND & Co. is proudly part of '1% for the planet', a movement of businesses supporting environmental solutions.

      They donate 1% of their company revenue to select wildlife charities. So together they are raising awareness and funds for elephant conservation. In 2020 they are supporting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their incredible Orphan's Project.

      Their mission is also to be eco-conscious across our whole business. They proudly manufacture LOVE BRAND & Co. in European factories focused on reducing their environmental impact. Their new collection is made from certified organic or recycled textiles with recycled labels and tags.