There is rarely such a beautiful family business: ALEXIS - a high-end fashion line for women from Miami was founded by mother and daughter.


      There is rarely such a beautiful family business: ALEXIS - a high-end fashion line for women from Miami was founded by mother and daughter.

      You can feel the love for fashion and the wanderlust of its creators in every piece of clothing from the label.

      A collection like a journey through Europe Ana Barbara and her daughter Alexis Barbara Isaias were inspired for their ALEXIS brand through a journey across Europe. The Mediterranean style, the temperament from Spain or the elegance from Italy can be felt in the collections of the mother-daughter design team. In 2008, the ALEXIS brand was founded in the USA, more precisely in Miami, the hometown of the two. Daughter Alexis Barbara Isaias, who gave her name to the label, made a conscious decision to go with her home town and against New York, which is so popular in fashion circles. The culture, the vibrant colors of Miami inspire the early 30 year olds again and again to new, colorful collections. ALEXIS now produces swimwear, women's clothing, as well as lingerie and women's underwear. The spirit of the ALEXIS brand reflects the personal style of Ana and Alexis. Her jet set life and passion for vintage have been instrumental in shaping her design style and aesthetic to what it is today. Out into the world from Miami You can sense the Cuban roots of designer Alexis Barbara Isaias in the classy designs of her label. Floral prints, bright colors, jackets inspired by the Baroque and hot cropped tops form the universe of the ALEXIS fashion line. Although Alexis Barbara Isaias is international (her Cuban family and her Ecuadorian husband have South American relatives in addition to her Cuban family) and has a huge inner dose of wanderlust, the fashion designer opened a shop in Coral Gables, the Miami neighborhood where she was born and grew up. ALEXIS' contemporary collections speak to the confident woman: a style icon that effortlessly embodies chic sensibility in her everyday lifestyle. Opulent dresses and versatile separates are the perfect fabric for ornate lace, romantic silks and statement textiles. With its modernity and flawless execution, ALEXIS has successfully launched collections that are sold in more than 250 boutiques and luxury department stores worldwide. Temperamental designs The luxurious creations by ALEXIS in the Mediterranean style, which are characterized by the use of figure-hugging silhouettes, playful details and fine materials, are well received all over the world. The selection is delicately feminine and sophisticated. It ranges from halterneck dresses with flounces and layered skirts to embroidered blouses and pencil skirts. We love the Spanish folklore-inspired dresses that will put you on a hot flamenco dance floor. Or wrap-around dresses with tassels, wide trousers and elegant cropped tops. Oh, there really is something for every taste in the collection of the mother-daughter duo. Celebrities like Beyoncé can also be seen time and again in designs by ALEXIS. The brand from the United States stands for effortless, elegant and easy-to-wear clothing. The wrap tops with matching skirts, elegant evening dresses and playful shorts not only look good, they also flatter the figure and envelop it with light fabrics. Order the jumpsuits, party dresses and swimwear online at Marin & Milou.