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      Designer accessories for our favorite items: cell phone cases that not only look good, but also protect the smartphone from falls and Protect against scratches and headphones with an exclusive design and high sound quality.

      Headphones with sound and comfort
      We want headphones that not only look good, but also convince us with their quality and workmanship, their sound and comfort. And we found these headphones!

      Discover handmade headphones made of soft leather and shiny gold metal caps that offer optimal sound quality and even allow you to make calls with the integrated hands-free system. Simple operation with maximum comfort. This is what the fantastically beautiful headphones from Frends offer, among other things. The memory foam ear pads nestle gently around your ear and the yarn-covered cables underline the high-quality workmanship of the accessory. The headphones can even be individually designed thanks to numerous interchangeable metal caps. The boundaries between technology and jewelry are blurred here. A must-have for all music lovers that you can easily order online.

      Mobile phone cases that turn smartphones into fashion statements
      Put in Fashion Statement and pack your iPhone or Samsung smartphone in an extraordinary mobile phone case. Marin & Milou offers you elegant bumpers made of plastic and wood. The handmade wooden cases made in Italy have a laser-engraved design. Choose between cute Vichy checks or colourful, baroque ornaments. Or go for the trendy camouflage look, cute hearts or romantic tendril patterns. From clean to playful - there is something for every taste. Each of these exquisite pieces is delivered in an elegant wooden box that can later be used as a mobile phone holder.