Ambre & Louise


      Jewellery by Ambre & Louise Jewelry

      Filigree metal art and design with a love of detail - these are the ingredients for the seductive jewelry from Ambre & Louise Jewelry.

      Filigree jewels with a wow effect from France
      If you have high demands on jewelry and love eye-catching treasures, we recommend the extraordinary creations from Ambre & Louise Jewelry. The Paris-based French jewelery label combines a love of goldsmithing with modern designs.

      Opulent statement necklaces, exciting bracelets made of filigree metalwork or earrings inspired by the beauty of nature: elderflowers, daisies, ginkgo leaves or mistletoe were the inspiration for the romantic treasures from the city of love. Leaves and flowers entwine around the jewellery, making every woman feel special. Celebrating a lush reincarnation of bohemian style, Ambre & Louise Jewelry's designs pair perfectly with the laid-back ethnic touch of resort wear found on the Marin & Milou pages. The label attaches great importance to excellent jeweller's skills and materials. The bracelets, earrings and chains also meet the highest standards of design and workmanship.

      Romantic pieces of jewelery of the highest quality
      The inner values ​​are also impressive: gilded with 18 carat gold, in different nuances from red gold to antique black, or immersed in a silver bath - every piece from Ambre & Louise Jewelry is time-consumingly handcrafted in the jewelry factory in France. And the Parisian craftsmen do it so well that star designer Pierre Balmain entrusted the Ambre & Louise team with the artistic direction of his Balmain label's jewelery range. The designers have been working for the traditional house since 2014.

      Precious items to dream about
      In addition to eye-catchers such as eye-catching bangles, the exquisite collection also includes delicate ear studs - each piece of jewelery is an extraordinary investment piece that the owner will enjoy for a long time. The designers at Ambre & Louise are best known for their cute Daisy Clover collection: hundreds of delicate daisies abound on fine earrings or wide bracelets for a statement look. Oversize earrings in the look of a ginkgo tree leaf have not only convinced fashion editors of international magazines such as Marie Claire or Grazia, but also the team at Marin & Milou. Combine the eye-catching valuables with delicate summer dresses or enhance your beach look: With the valuable pieces of jewellery, you can also show your fashion awareness in a straw hat and bathing suit.

      Current design for timeless looks
      The timeless designs are always up to date but never go out of style. The tight-fitting necklaces or long, fine chains with pendants can be worn alone or in combination with the matching earrings, bracelets or rings from the respective design line. The essentials made from filigree handicrafts have the ability to turn ordinary outfits into something extraordinary. Make a statement with chandelier earrings or underline your good taste with a delicate pendant in the shape of a gold-plated olive leaf. Breathe new life into your wardrobe by elevating a sheer top with an ornate elderberry brooch. A piece of jewelry from Ambre & Louise is an investment in your style. At Marin & Milou you can buy an exclusive selection of valuable pieces of jewelry. Just order online.