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      What do Mariah Carey, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung have in common? They all love the wonderfully fluffy fake fur waistcoats, stoles and jackets by Charlotte Simone. And we can't get enough of the super soft it-pieces that come in all colors of the rainbow.

      A young label that keeps up with the times
      Fake fur is en vogue - and it can really look like it! The accessories by the British label Charlotte Simone are available in bright pink or blue and white stripes. So they leave no doubt that these are synthetic fibers.

      Designer Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone, New York's most iconic faux fur and accessories brand, in 2011 with a $10,000 loan from her father's Simone is the middle name of the clever designer. Now, just a few years later, she has created a multi-million dollar brand. The fashion elite can't get enough of the colorful and playful plush that Charlotte Simone is known for.

      Breakthrough with ice cream on a stick
      Charlotte Simone Beecham studied at the New York University English and Art, but spent time in Paris to study literature and art. There she fell in love with the style of Parisian women, notorious for their effortless elegance and nonchalance. Charlotte Beecham was impressed by the ability of Parisian women to put together a complete outfit with a single accessory: for example, completing an all black look with a huge, eye-catching scarf. This sight is said to have encouraged Charlotte to want to reinvent the scarf. She designed the 'Popsicle', which means 'popsicle', which has become her trademark. That was the starting signal for the label's success story.

      Charlotte Simone's biggest hit "Popsicle" is a fluffy scarf with a touch of color at the top - in a bright shade. Most of her designs are lively and playful, less serious than what one usually sees front row at fashion shows. And the colors of the designs are just as playful as the designs: They are called Bubblegum Pink or Rock Candy Blue and come across as eye-catching and bright.

      Eye-catchers that spice up every outfit
      New York City-based Charlotte Simone works with a Tokyo-based manufacturer to create the finest, fluffiest faux fur for her scarves, jackets and shawls. Even to the trained eye, the textiles used in the Charlotte Simone line look and feel incredibly real. The artificial fabric mirrors the nature of real fur by featuring a variety of different lengths and textures. This is the secret behind the "fluff" factor that Charlotte Simone is so well known for.

      The label currently offers a wide range of scarves, jackets, bags, hats and other accessories. Cashmere jumpers are also available us the current season. All Charlotte Simone pieces have one thing in common: they radiate a good mood and immediately increase the glamor factor. We at Marin & Milou are already fans - just like Rita Ora, Hailey Bieber or Winnie Harlow. Shop your favorite It- Piece online soon.