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      Espadrij l'originale brings back the classic

      The story. In the 80s there was hardly anyone who didn't have at least one pair of the light canvas shoes with plant soles and rubber soles in their shoe closet.

      After their heyday, things went quiet around them for a long time. Espadrij l'originale brings back the original espadrilles. While most models on the market today are inferior, poorly finished Asian products, Espadrij l'originale offers proven, original quality. Class instead of mass. Espadrij l'originale brings the classic back to the asphalt. Authentic as it used to be. All models are made in a small village in the French Pyrenees by hand or on old machines from the production sites. The hallmarks: A high-quality, solid canvas fabric and the thick, robust jute sole, coated with water-repellent natural rubber. Only at Espadrij l'originale. Unmistakable look. Espadrij l'originale sees itself as an exquisite label. Therefore, a small but fine collection is offered, which is supplemented with new colors and selected styles each season. The Classic and Handmade models are always included. There are currently 13 models and 24 different colors to choose from. The Bicolore-Handmade-Collection offers further color variations thanks to contrasting seams. Bienvenue chez Espadrij l'originale!