For Art's Sake

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      Sunglasses like a work of art

      The label ART FOR ART'S SAKE designs sunglasses for the sake of the sunglasses - or how else do you understand the brand name? Each pair of sunglasses is truly a work of art!

      No wonder that the Who's Who of the fashion elite such as singer Beyoncé, actress Kristen Bell or influencer Caroline Daur don't leave the house without ART FOR ART'S SAKE glasses.

      Glasses for individualists and fashion pioneers
      ART FOR ART'S SAKE (connoisseurs also call it FOR ART'S SAKE or FAS for short) designs – as the makers of the label themselves say – glasses for imperfectionists: style individualists, who like to be bold when it comes to their looks. The London-based sunglass label has made a name for itself with glasses made from high-quality materials in exciting patterns and shapes. The wide collection includes tortoiseshell-colored cat eye glasses, hexagonal glasses with blue lenses or frames with a marble effect.

      The unusual names of the frames already indicate their uniqueness. Wonderland, for example, is an oversize pair of glasses in colors ranging from champagne to topaz with a stainless steel frame that delicately and artistically encloses the round lens shape. Or Mad Mad – glasses that take the cat-eye shape one step further and create a futuristic version of 1960s glasses.

      The luxurious experience of FOR ART'S SAKE sunglasses starts with unpacking: Each pair of glasses comes with two beautiful velvet cases - a narrow one for on the go and a more solid travel case that protects the glasses from bumps.
      Designs for bold fashionistas
      For Art's Sake is known for its oversized silhouettes and playful details like beaded frames, ombre lenses, marbled acetate frames and more. The frames are made by hand with the best materials: The metal and acetate used are then polished by hand to ensure a luxurious, lifelong finish.

      A special feature of the label are the nose pads made of natural jade stone. Also known as the healing stone, jade soothes the skin, unlike most brands that use silicone or plastic nose pads. In addition, the nose pads are adjustable and thus ensure extra comfort.

      Glasses of the highest quality
      It's not just loving details and precise workmanship that make ART FOR ART'S SAKE glasses stand out, even with the colorful glasses, attention is paid to quality. FOR ART'S SAKE glasses are made of high-quality nylon and offer 100% UV protection. This means they are super light, extremely durable and easy on the eyes.

      The lenses are anti-reflective for reduced glare and optimal comfort. This minimizes light radiation and there are no annoying reflections on the selfie. The anti-reflective coating characterizes every For Art's Sake glasses.
      Eco-friendly and sustainable

      The acetate used for the frames of For Art's Sake glasses is hand-carved and vegan, which means that it is environmentally friendly but also uniquely flexible . This enables a comfortable fit thanks to the precise formability of the frame.

      Sustainability and social responsibility are extremely important to the company. For every pair of glasses sold, For Art's Sake donates a pair of corrective glasses to those in need. To this end, the British label is working with the non-profit organization Restoring Vision. Environmental protection is also a top priority: For Art's Sake plants a tree with every plant-based frame sold.