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      Hair accessories by Jennifer Behr Headbands

      A delicate tiara, filigree clasps or an unusual diadem - hair accessories for special moments or a really grand entrance.

      Extraordinary hair accessories that make every hairstyle shine
      The elfin hair accessories by the New York designer Jennifer Behr are must-haves for princesses of the 21st century.

      The precious essentials made of gold-plated metal, Swarovski crystals or valuable stones have been carefully handcrafted by professional goldsmiths and metalworkers in our own workshops in Brooklyn since 2005. Thus, each piece of Jennifer Behr Headbands is unique, which supports the individual look of its wearer.

      Headbands for the perfect appearance
      The headbands by Jennifer Behr made of rhodium-plated or shiny gold brass not only look incredibly good, they also feel that way. The enchanting treasures impress with their wearing comfort - no tugging, no pressing, no slipping. Elastic bands made of rubber, bows made of velvet or bands made of braided yarn ensure that the hair accessories really fit every head. Add a touch of bohemianism to her outfit with hair accessories featuring sculptural floral details or metal leaf wreaths encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The designer also likes to refine her creations with eye-catching stones such as quartz to design an absolute eye-catcher. Every casual outfit becomes an individual look in no time at all. We love these Jennifer Behr Headbands jewels worn in loose, wavy hair and with styles inspired by ethnic and boho chic.

      Hair accessories for every occasion
      The designer's dainty hair clips are the crowning glory of every updo, and with a tiara made of filigree blossoms or ornaments, Jennifer Behr gives every woman the aura of an exotic queen from the Arabian Nights . Delicate metal leaves and delicate flowers make the New York designer's hair accessories a dream from antiquity. Whether with an evening dress or a casual look, the unique headdress is reminiscent of Roman empresses and crowns every outfit. Treat yourself to the favorite of the stars - Emma Stone, Helena Christensen and Katy Perry also swear by the handmade hair accessories from Brooklyn.

      Hair accessories for festive galas or solemn weddings
      In addition to a collection for every day, the New York designer also presents a bridal collection that includes fantastically beautiful fascinators, tiaras or diadems made of lace and valuable metal . So you are well prepared for the most beautiful day of your life, regardless of whether it is a beach wedding or a church wedding all in white.

      Small treasures for a big effect – the pieces of jewelery attract everyone’s attention
      No matter whether it’s a long mane or pixie, layered cut or straight bob – the collection of hair bands, tiaras and tiaras has something for every hairstyle , clips or headbands included. Even VIPs like Alexa Chung, Natalie Portman or Heidi Klum can't get enough of the elegant hair accessories. In the Gossip Girl series, actress Leighton Meester, who played Blair Waldorf, was equipped with the elegant accessories in almost every episode. No wonder, the eye-catching statement hair clips add a touch of luxury to every look. A bridal line of hair bands with matching veils completes the exclusive collection. Combine the hair accessories to create your own individual style: Wear the jewelery with a veil as a bride at your beach wedding or combine the filigree valuables with jeans and a shirt for everyday use. Order your favorite piece online now from Marin & Milou.