Resort wear for the modern women

      Kalmar is a wellbeing experience rooted in spirituality and self-discovery. Connecting the soul and the senses, it was created to empower the modern woman on her own healing journey.

      Kalmar proposes a new way of being, centered around four states of mind: joy, calm, peace, and love. From resort wear to skincare, every piece in the collection is created to connect the women who wear it with their innermost worlds. Through ritual self-care, kalmar creates an opportunity to realign the mind, body and soul, changing the way you feel.

      "I wanted everything about kalmar to be a mix of luxury, wellness and spirituality. It's a way of being, a way of seeing life. Everything comes from the same core of looking for the right energy and finding the authentic self. " — Karen Ruimy
      Harness a mood; to emotion; an experience. Vibrant prints and versatile shapes collide in Kalmar's elevated clothing collection, designed to be worn wherever you are in the world. Our considered range of wellbeing products is conceived around transformative fragrances and nourishing formulas, inspiring balance, harmony and happiness.

      Kalmar was founded in 2016 by Karen Ruimy, a Morocco-born dancer, writer, singer and philanthropist whose soul's calling is to share the key to wellness. While in her late twenties, Karen experienced a spiritual reawakening which led her to embark upon lifelong journey of self-discovery and intuitive expression. Through kalmar, she invites you to do the same.