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      Leather goods from Linde Gallery St. Barth

      Beach & Travel Totes for stylish jetsetters and sunbathers – Linde Gallery St. Barth offers bags for the beach and urban jungle made from the finest leather.

      Inspired by the Caribbean, made in southern France
      The leather bags from Linde Gallery St. Barth are designed by Claudia and Fridtjof Linde and impress with their understatement are made from the finest leather in southern France. Simple, timeless elegance is the motto of the bags, which look just as good on the sandy beach as in the city center or in the office.

      The spacious leather totes are the perfect companions for the beach, because they offer enough space for all our summer essentials - from sunglasses to beach towels. They are comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at thanks to their soft leather. The collection is characterized by suede in bright summer colors such as mint or coral or smooth leather with an interesting hole pattern. A highlight: the bags made of undulate rays that shimmer like crystals. A clutch in ebony, black or anise matches the evening dress and is the radiant center of your outfit. But also as a tote or shoulder bag, the shimmering leather is a very special eye-catcher that you really won't find on every corner.

      Each bag is unique
      Because only the finest French or Italian leather is used for the bags by Linde Gallery St. Barth, each bag is unique. Because every leather has its very own irregularities and absorbs the color differently. Through the patina that develops over time, each bag tells its own story. Shop the ideal bag to accompany you on your travels right here at Marin & Milou. Choose between a tote made of soft suede, a mini shoulder bag made of sparkling taupe leather or a practical pouch bag. Thanks to their timeless design, the bags are real investment pieces that will still be in vogue next season.

      A boutique in the heart of the jet set island
      Originally, Linde Gallery was an exclusive boutique in the Carré d'Or in Gustavia on Saint Barthélemy, which Claudia and Fridtjof Linde opened in 2008. In addition to resort wear from well-known labels, they also offer art catalogues, antiques and selected accessories. Today, Linde Gallery St. Barth is internationally known for its high quality bag collection. The Beach & Travel Totes from Linde Gallery combine the ease of travel with functionality and style. Each model bears the name of a beautiful beach on the island of St. Barthélemy. For example Governor in the south or Colombier in the northwest.

      Made in France - loved all over the world
      The bags are made from 100 percent finest leather and are manufactured in the region around the River Tarn in southern France - an area traditionally associated with leather craftsmanship and interwoven with the art of tanning. The love for craftsmanship is noticeable in the bags, which are simply beautiful and do not require any kind of frills. The totes, clutches and hobo bags are characterized by bright colors and fine materials. The robust bags are of such quality that even a day at the beach cannot harm them. Get a piece of Saint Barthélemy in your wardrobe and invest in a high-quality it bag from Linde Gallery St. Barth.