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      Luxurious swimwear without compromise

      MOEVA since 2012 stands for luxurious swimwear and resortwear that makes no compromises - neither in quality nor in design.

      MOEVA combines eye-catching designs and high-quality craftsmanship. The London-based label's collection creates timeless swimwear with a touch of spontaneity and freshness in design.

      Swimwear that also works outside of the pool

      MOEVA differs from other labels in that the founders infuse the idea of ​​couture clothing into swimwear. Every MOEVA design is the result of extensive research and effective production processes. MOEVA strives to ensure outstanding quality and customer well-being with durable, high-quality and comfortable swimwear and resortwear products.

      Three inspiring women create an inspiring brand

      MOEVA was founded by founded by three inspiring women: Burcu Tanman, Yagmur Zirh and Damla Zirh. Sisters Damla and Yagmur studied at Regent's University in London, Burcu studied design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Designer Burcu Togay was born in 1988 in Istanbul, Turkey. Studying design at Central Saint Martin has helped her develop a strong eye for detail and geometry. She joined forces with sisters Damla and Yagmur, whom she already knew from Istanbul, and the three of them not only built a strong friendship but also a strong brand. The women come from different disciplines, but they complemented each other perfectly and created the basis for the ideas of a swimwear brand that is remarkable in terms of both design and quality. While still studying in London, the three women began to work on the basis of the later label MOEVA.

      MOEVA interprets the latest fashion trends for contemporary creations in the swimwear sector. MOEVA's vision is to create swimwear that allows women to feel beautiful, stylish and confident in and out of the water. Inspired by strong and elegant women, Burcu, Damla and Yagmur searched for a name that fully encapsulated their idea of ​​swimwear. "Mo" is a Far Eastern expression for courageous and powerful and "Eva" is the first woman in the world. These words together emphasize the courage and power of the feminine and reflect the attitude of the MOEVA label.

      Swimwear for all women

      MOEVA supports a future with equality in which all women have the same opportunities and have rights and should feel beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Special linings are carefully crafted to flatter a woman's shape. All body types and ages are catered for, so there's always the right fit in every collection.
      In 2016, creative director Burcu Tanman designed her first swimsuit for women who had to undergo a mastectomy. MOEVA is committed to a sustainable future and a more responsible and environmentally conscious company. To achieve this goal, MOEVA worked with charities such as Breast Cancer Care, Equality Now or industry leader Amoena to get optimal cups for their bikini tops or swimsuits.

      Sustainability is a priority

      MOEVA works with suppliers who value recycled materials, renewable energy, water conservation and green development. MOEVA products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.Each MOEVA product is made from high quality Italian fabrics, which are handcrafted by a talented production team that works together at all stages of the manufacturing process

      Besides the fabric quality, MOEVA uses the best nickel-free gold-plated French and Italian accessories that are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly are. The gold-plated accessories are also non-heating, rust-proof and will keep their quality with long-term use. MOEVA's symmetrical and asymmetrical swimwear designs are known for their details such as cut-outs, braided straps or jewelry details. All hardware is nickel free, non-heating and rustproof. MOEVA's meticulously designed bikinis and swimsuits have caught the attention of celebrities known for their love of luxury, including Cameron Diaz, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Chiara Ferragni and Lindsay Lohan. Each MOEVA garment comes with a special certificate proving its authenticity.

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