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      Far too beautiful to just sleep in: The sleepwear and homewear from the Morpho + Luna label sweetens our dreams with fine silk and cozy cashmere.

      Sleep and homewear for special demands
      The ultimate essentials that are actually far too beautiful to hide in the bedroom: Morpho + Luna is a luxury nightwear label from London that makes pajamas , negligés and dressing gowns for women and men. The elegant casual wear is tailor-made, "Made in Italy" and is made from the finest natural fibers.

      The simple colors and the elegant cut quickly made the collection a must-have for cozy hours at home. The casual yet elegant style of the nightwear makes them special favorites that we never want to take off again. Browse through the Marin & Milou online shop at your leisure and easily order your favorites to your home.

      Homewear for casual moments
      At Morpho + Luna everything revolves around making relaxing hours at home even nicer. Who doesn't dream of not leaving the house all day long on a dingy autumn day? To spend the Sunday in bed in style, the Italians have just the right thing in their range. The pyjamas, dressing gowns, sleepshirts and negligees are all made from gorgeous materials such as cashmere, linen, Swiss cotton, wool flannel and silk. However, we don't only wear the Loro Piana cashmere dressing gown for Sunday breakfast. Over jeans and a top, it's the perfect companion instead of a cardigan or a light coat. We definitely take the sweet sleep shirt made of light linen fabric with velvet trimmings on the button placket or the shorty pajamas with contrasting piping with us on vacation - they are ideal as an elegant throw over the bikini on the beach.

      Young company with that certain something
      Cécile Gavazzi Daccò and Carola Botto Poala Voli launched Morpho + Luna in London in 2014. The Italians simply missed shops in the British metropolis where they could buy comfortable nightwear made of flattering materials that also looked sexy. And so they founded the label, whose name goes back to two beautiful butterflies: the blue morpho butterfly and the actias luna. As Italians, the founders understand the importance of a good cut. The dressing gown made of linen and wool flannel is already a cult item. The elegant homewear has even been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Grazia and Vanity Fair. Even the Queen would greet you for breakfast in a dressing gown like this.

      Modern and timeless at the same time
      In their collection, the designers value quality and comfort. The aim was to create a label that offers beautiful nightwear that fits into both a traditional and modern environment, that looks elegant in a New York loft as well as in an English country house. The London-based luxury nightwear and lifestyle label achieves this definition of timeless elegance by investing in fine materials, well thought-out cuts and an exquisite color palette that conveys elegance and British understatement. Above all, high-quality fabrics are important to the two designers: Cécile is associated with one of the largest silk manufacturers in Italy and Carola's family has been raising sheep for over 150 years. The designers like to post the annual shearing on their Instagram account, thus showing the label's closeness to nature and respect for natural materials.