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      Unique items from Peru!

      The Brazilian bag label Nannacay aims to build a bridge between people who need support and those who want to help. It feels twice as good to carry the colorful and unique baskets, fabric bags and plaited shoulder bags to the pool, stand and pedestrian zone.

      Founder and designer Marcia Kemp designs bags made of braided straw, macrame yarn or canvas, which she has produced in small communities in Peru. Due to the manual work, each copy is a unique creation of its craftswoman, since one model is never the same as the other. Each bag is unique.
      Colorful ethnic look
      The crocheted fabric bags with a potholder motif are just as eye-catching as the woven cotton clutch with fringes. Rattan details complete the woven straw bags. The bags spice up every style and transform a basic outfit into a boho look. Not only are we big fans of the young label, editors from Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar have also noticed Nannacay's trendy round and square basket bags. The splashes of color pop up again and again in our Instagram feed. No wonder, because fashion influencers like Leandra Medine Cohen from Man Repeller or Pandora Sykes are also fans of the label.
      Shopping and doing good
      The former IBM Manager Marcia Kemp founded the label Nannacay (Nãnākay) in 2014 under the motto "changing lives with creative hands", whereby the name comes from the language of the South American tribe of the Aymara and means sisterhood. Nannacay is much more than a fashion label, it is a social fashion project. Each bag label bears the name of the craftsman who created it - a sense of appreciation that Marcia Kemp spreads with her label.
      Founder and creative director of Nannacay, Marcia Kemp has one great passion: this Travel. On one of her trips, she had a glimpse of the beauty of the unique local handicrafts while visiting a Maasai tribe in Africa. This inspired her to design her own bags and support local handicraft businesses. She searched and found local producers in Peru, giving them a new perspective with Nannacay. And she gives the rest of the world beautiful, colorful raffia bags, crochet bags and pouches that are second to none. Nannacay now offers around 200 Peruvian artisans in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil economic advancement opportunities through seminars and workshops where the artisans can acquire new skills and learn how to manage finances. The bags support the preservation of the traditional art of weaving in the cooperatives.
      In addition to bags, the Nannacay label now also offers other accessories such as large hoop earrings, braided straw hats or key rings with colorful pompoms made from Peruvian cotton. The accessories were also all lovingly handcrafted in South America and make them absolute favourites. In addition to the woven straw baskets, the brightly colored earrings are one of the highlights of the collection. Discover an exclusive selection of genuinely unique Nannacay pieces at Marin & Milou.