Colorful swimwear

      Paolita, is a British premium swim and resort wear brand, based in London and founded in 2010 by Anna Paola.

      At its core, Paolita is a brand ushered by both an insatiable desire to travel the world and an absolute necessity to look effortlessly chic while doing so.

      The brand takes inspiration from the multicultural buzz of London, the laid back lifestyle of Greece where Anna Paola grew up, and the warmth and spirit of South America.

      Each of our prints are meticulously hand drawn at our studio over many months and printed onto our fabrics in Como, Italy. The shapes and styles of the swim and resort wear are designed to be flattering, sophisticated and timeless. Items that women can wear and love for years to come.

      Over the years, Paolita has developed a loyal following of women looking for something completely unique, where the artistry that is integral to this brand shines through. With each new collection there is a changing story, a different creative vision and since no patterns are ever repeated, a dazzling new selection of prints.

      The brand has become synonymous with print, and yet our classic shapes in block colors are sleek, stunning and true to our ethos, which is to always make the woman wearing Paolita feel beautiful.

      Paolita represents a timeless effervescent luxury, an escape from the routine, and a global language of dressing that stays true to the woman who wears it. Ultimately, our hope is that women who wear Paolita feel fulfilled and empowered because they own their beautiful escape, their colorful adventure and, most importantly, their story.

      About the Designer
      Born in the United States, to a Greek father and a Mexican-American mother, and raised in Greece, Anna Paola's designs capture her cross-cultural bringing up under the sun of the Aegean islands and the coasts of Mexico.

      Anna Paola's curiosity about different cultures which is evident in her designs, started as a child during her travels with her parents. She was mesmerized by the fascinating colors and crafts she 'discovered' during these trips. Whether it was wrapping itself in exquisite silks in India, admiring the Masai beaded jewelery in Africa or visiting the Mexican markets with their vibrant colours, these experiences have been a source of inspiration that has influenced her work.

      Her designs involve extensive research in libraries and museums, combining creativity with an informed perspective on design, colouring, and ergonomics. This particular approach reflects not only Anna Paola's training at Instituto Marangoni in Milan and London, but also an attention to detail that she learned while working with Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan.

      “Paolita swimwear and beachwear is expertly created using the highest quality Italian fabrics, which are printed exclusively for us in Como, Italy. The collections are crafted in Europe focusing exclusively on quality and impeccable fit by a team of skillful technicians and artisans.”

      - Anna Paola