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      Finest homewear, pajamas and beach styles

      With the loungewear label Skin Worldwide, the name fits the brand's collection like no other brand. Because the dresses, lingerie and pajamas feel as soft as a second skin and are therefore our all-time favorite when it comes to cozy hours at home.

      Homewear at the highest level
      Who says that what we wear at home has to be baggy sweatpants?
      Susan Beischel, designer and entrepreneur, has revolutionized homewear. With her Skin label, founded in 2003, she brings us ultra-soft sleepwear, sexy slip dresses and light dressing gowns that we never want to take off because they meet the highest standards in terms of appearance and comfort. The luxury brand for loungewear from the USA is the first choice if you want to make yourself really comfortable at home.

      The label's designs are almost a shame to only wear them in your own four walls: In the spa area of ​​the fitness club or on cooler days in the resort, we like to throw on a light, airy bathrobe from the homewear label from the USA. And with a piece from the loungewear collection, such as a jogger, hoody or sweatshirt, you are perfectly dressed for a long-distance journey.

      The garments of the labels off. The fabric is elastic and does not constrict, but is figure-flattering and light. The cut does the rest: It is wide but not too oversized and thus creates an elegant silhouette.

      Cute pajama sets and sexy lingerie
      Skin stands for comfort and timeless elegance. The designs of the home and loungewear label are available in subtle colors and pastel shades. White, gray or a delicate rose are the dominant colors of the collection. This is not only an elegant choice of colour, but also makes it possible to combine the individual items of clothing with each other.

      Skin stands for cute pajama shorts and sexy lingerie. The underwear collection consists of comfortable essentials for every day. Nude underwear is perfect for layering without showing or showing under clothing. It manages to design skin sleepwear that is not only cute but also sexy at the same time. Sweet spaghetti strap tops and tight panties result in summer pajamas that not only please us, but certainly also our men.

      Global lifestyle brand from the USA with roots in nature
      Designer Susan Beischel has now successfully expanded the company into a global lifestyle brand that includes lingerie and clothing as well as accessories. Skin Worldwide is known for its use of soft, natural fabrics, organic cotton materials and sophisticated, versatile silhouettes.

      Skin founder Susan grew up in the Wisconsin countryside. Surrounded by pure, natural beauty, the designer has also experienced the appreciation of natural materials. The collection is therefore inspired by nature and appeals to all the senses with comfortable, luxurious fabrics and sophisticated cuts. After all, the skin is our largest organ, so we should cover it with pleasant fabrics in which we feel good. And you can definitely do that with a wonderfully soft it-piece from the Skin Collection.