Sun of a Beach


      A must-have for any discerning sunbather
      Inspired by her childhood on beautiful sandy beaches, Greek designer Melina Pispa and her friend, stylist Ellie Rountou, create breathtakingly beautiful luxury Egyptian cotton beach towels for discerning sunbathers.

      It doesn't matter if you're big or small, man or woman, young or old – you just have to fall in love with the detailed graphics, wild animal prints or romantic floral patterns of the beach towels. The large format beach towels from Sun of a Beach are the ultimate companions for the beach, pool and city park. The individual designs – from an imaginative mix of patterns to an exotic rainforest – whet your appetite for sun and sea. The luxury bath towels are of such quality that they survive summer after summer without losing their beauty. So you can enjoy the colorful beach essentials for a long time. The ideal gift for yourself and loved ones.

      Design in Greece - loved all over the world
      Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou love to spend a stylish day by the sea. They found everything from high-quality sunglasses to first-class espadrilles – but what was missing were beach towels that met their design and quality standards. With Sun of a Beach Luxury Towels they fulfilled themselves - and so did we! - not only a great wish, but also carry the design and craftsmanship of their Greek homeland into the world. Even fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni are enthusiastic about the Sun of a Beach beach towels and share their treasures with their followers.

      These make your visit to the beach perfect: cuddly, soft and super stylish beach towels from Sun of a Beach Towels.

      Designs that tell of long sandy beaches and exciting destinations
      The reversible luxury towels with a patterned and a plain side match perfectly with luxurious beach outfits. And with a size of up to 100 x 180 cm, you can also loll about in the sand with relish. Each towel is made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. The Summer Essentials are super soft and surprisingly light. They are absorbent and fluffy - ideal for snuggling up after a refreshing swim in the sea and admiring the sunset on the beach. Never look for your seat by the pool again because Sun of a Beach beach towels are so unique that they immediately catch the eye. Order the exclusive beach towels from Marin & Milou and get your favorites in a large jute bag in which you can store not only the fantastically beautiful beach towels, but also your beach essentials, from sunglasses to fashion magazines.

      Bags, beach bags and cosmetic bags
      In 2012, the Greek women launched their beach towel label. In the meantime, other wonderful summer essentials have been added. The artistic motifs we love on towels can now be found on pouches, pochettes and beach bags. Refined with fringes or tassels, in the quality that we are used to from beach towels. There is a cute kids line for the little ones: baby towels or ponchos in bright colors and funny motifs such as lobsters or seahorses. And Sun of the Beach now also has vests and ponchos made of super fluffy cotton for us, which we can simply throw on after surfing or kiting.