Exceptional Quality

      Varana was born from a desire to showcase India's rich heritage of textiles and crafts, by reinterpreting ancient traditions through contemporary design.

      Founding vision

      The name Varana comes from Varanasi, one of the world's oldest cities, widely regarded as the 'soul' of India.

      Co-founded by Sujata Keshavan and Ravi Prasad with an atelier in Bangalore and flagship store on Dover Street, London, our brand philosophy revolves around three principles. The first is exceptional quality. We create beautiful handmade products that are made to last a lifetime. The second is sustainability. We prioritize kindness to the environment at every stage of production, using only 100% natural and biodegradable fibers in our products. The third is celebrating craftsmanship.

      Varana exists to revive and sustain India's extraordinary heritage of craft and textile techniques, while providing support to artisans, weavers and craftspeople whose livelihoods are threatened by globalization.

      At Varana we believe in the simple pleasure that fine quality can bring. Our aim is to create beautifully made products using the finest natural fabrics – hand crafted to last a lifetime.

      Today's world of fashion is, for the most part, predicated on glamour, newness, constant change and instant gratification. At Varana, we reject the idea of ​​fashion cycles that render products irrelevant every year. Instead, our aim is to create beautifully made clothes that are made to last for years to come.

      Our collections emphasize artisanal techniques of hand-weaving, tailoring and embroidery, that result in exceptional fabrics. We focus on clean lines, beautiful cuts and timeless designs that can be worn season after season. Our products exist for those who have discerning and refined taste, and who wish to make mindful choices with regard to how and what they buy.

      The Indian subcontinent has a vast tradition of weaving and fabric printing that goes back thousands of years. However, after the onset of industrialization and mechanized production, many of our ancient craft techniques as well as the livelihoods of the artisans who practice them are under threat.

      At the very heart of Varana's mission lies the desire to sustain these techniques, and to provide a stable livelihood to craftspeople who possess this extraordinary knowledge and skills. Varana bridges the gap between traditional craft and modern fashion by providing an international approach to design that makes Indian craft and textile products attractive to world markets and relevant to contemporary lifestyles.

      Sustainability is woven into everything we do at Varana. In an age of fast and wasteful fashion, Varana strives to create something different: exquisitely crafted artisanal clothing that is made to last a lifetime. Sustainability and environmental impact are considered at every stage of our products' journey: from design, to sourcing, to production, to end-of-life, including revisiting heritage crafts that minimize impact.